My Plaster Casting!

Hello! Today, I want to talk about my experience with plaster casting. I went to the beach near our school! It was only 15 minutes away from CSULB. I was really surprised when I walked into the beach because dogs were everywhere! Unfortunately, I am afraid of dogs…It was a great challenge for me to work around dogs. When I was trying to work on my plaster, the dog kept coming near me so I kept on walking away.

I had to dig the hole with my hands because I didn’t take a shovel. I wished the dog would dig the hole for me. After digging the hole, I used my right foot and my right hand to make the casting. I made two just in case I failed. When I was making the plaster, I wasn’t sure if I mixed the right amount of plaster and water. I poured the plaster in the hole and waited for 30 minutes. While waiting of the plaster casting, I was busy running away from dogs and keeping the dogs away from my work. After 30 minutes, I carefully took out the casting. I was really careful! Despite my worries. my casting was a success!

This is my plaster casting:



Plaster casting was a new experience for me and I had fun making it! Even though I was having hard times with multiple dogs around me, I managed to complete my plaster casting! I am never going back to that beach…


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