Week 4: Legal Graffiti Writing!

For my legal graffiti writing, I was not able to do it at the Venice Beach. I was planning to go to the beach with my friends on Thursday but I was told that Venice Beach legal graffiti writing only opens on Saturdays. Because I was not able to do it at the beach, I bought some materials I can use at home to tag my name! I didn’t really like the color of my spray paint so I went to Home Depot to buy my favorite colors, which are pastel blue and pastel pink! Home Depot didn’t have cardboard so I had to go to Staples Center. For the first time, I used a spray paint! When I tagged my name, I used my English name,Cindy, because my Korean name,SuHyun, is harder to write. I had difficult times using the spray paint. I tried multiple times until I thought my name actually looked like a tag. After many tries, this was the result of my work. Spray painting was a new experience for me!




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