Week 5: Artist Conversation

On September 24, I visited the Max L. Gallery East. All the works on the walls were collaboration of artist. Looking around the gallery, all the works were similar but different. Even though the work was done by different artists who had different styles, the work looked like it was done by one artist. Among all the arts, Josh Benz and Karen Solis’s work caught my attention. Their painting was really different but the work showed one big picture. In the painting, two girls were watching a movie or a show. The movie or show scene was painted by Josh and realistic figures of two girls were painted by Karen. The colors in the painting were bright but somehow the work seemed dark. When I was looking at the painting, I was amazed how the artists were so detailed, like the reflections from the water.

At the gallery, I had the chance to talk with Josh Benz. Josh Benz worked with Karen Solis. He told us that he likes to paint abstract stuff and Karen likes to paint realistic figures, and self portrait. The painting took them about three to four weeks to complete. The painting showed transition from childhood to adulthood. After Josh told us about his idea on the art, I actually saw the transition. The top part of the painting showed the adulthood and the bottom part of the childhood where two teenagers are watching the television together. Josh Benz also told us that collaboration in art is like competition. The artist had to fight for their spot to paint.

After looking at the painting, I thought of my friends whom I hang out with. The position where two girls are watching television together reminded me and my friend. My friend and I always slept over each others house and watch movies together when we were in high school.  However, now that we are both in college and always busy we never really had the chance to do so. I was missing my childhood.



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