Week 6: Conversation with Artist

On October 1, I visited the Dennis W. Duzi Gallery. When I walked in the gallery, I was amazed how beautiful the arts were. Looking at the arts, I knew what the arts were representing. All the paintings were landscapes. Every single painting was beautiful. The paintings showed the nature and showed different view of the world. The paintings also showed the connections to landscapes.The artist used oil painting and some paintings were craved.  The painting that caught my attention was Winter painted by Anahid M- Stepanians. I really felt winter through that painting. The colors of the painting really looked liked the colors I saw during the winter. The painting of the winter didn’t look like a work but real nature.

At the gallery, I had the chance to talk with both artists Anahid and Dawn. This is their last semester at CSULB. From their painting, they wanted to describe different landscapes. Before actually painting the paint, they used under cover painting for freshness and better color. They said nature is shown differently by every individuals and through the painting, the artists showed their view of the colors, shapes, and other views of the nature, landscape, through the painting.

After looking at the Winter paint, I thought of my last winter. Winter is my favorite season. During last year winter, I went snowboarding with my friends and I really miss it! Now winter is around the corner and I am really excited! Specially thinking about all the things I will do during the winter! The painting made me want to feel winter already!



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