Week 7: Artist Conversation

On October 8th, I visited the Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery. As I stepped in the gallery, I was in love with the work! All the works were in pastel pink or pink, which were my favorite color. The first thing I noticed in the gallery was the work with “She and I” that talks about the importance of relationships to human and how it can be shown in work. The work showed an intimate story of two becoming one with the use of transparent layers the viewer is. If I didn’t read “She and I” I wouldn’t have thought of deeper meaning in the work. I would’ve just thought “Wow such a nice color and work!” I realized how art works show the feelings of the artists.

At the gallery, I had the chance to talk with Nora Ayala. She was an easy person to approach and talk to! She was really nice. This is her last year in master program. She is twenty-seven years old. She told us how art should take an account to the audience and she how she tries to speak through the art to the audience. Her works were based on her own stories. Looking at the art, I had hard time figuring out what material she used. She said she used screen printing ink that was water based. Also she used her own lipstick for her art! Never thought you can use lipstick to draw.

After seeing the work, I thought about my own relationship with people. I feel that relationship between human is really hard to understand. In few hours of talking, you can already decided the relationship with that person whether it is good or bad. The works made me really think about the relationship I have with the people around me.



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