Week 7: Ephemeral Drawing (SnapChat)

For this activity, I used my snapchat. Even though I have snapchat, I don’t really use it. I only downloaded snapchat because my friends wanted me to. I only use snapchat when I go to fun places! Last time, I used snapchat was when I went to Utah with my family in August.  This week I finally used my snapchat for my activity, Going back on snapchat, snapchat had a lot of new stuff! I also got to see what my peers were doing on daily. For my first picture, I took a picture of my street and drew some drawings! I drew a sun, girl, and a cat. For my second picture, I took a picture of a artificial flower in the table. I drew one bee landing on the artificial flower.

Going through my peers snapchat stories, I was able to see YeJi’s snap stories. She took one selfie and also took a photo of her plate. It seemed like she was at a restaurant waiting for her food to come out! I also heard that Yeji also don’t really use snapchat. Now that snapchat has new updates, I have fun playing with them! Never thought I would have fun using snapchat. It was also nice being updated with your old friends from high school. I always wondered what my old friends were doing and snapchat showed it to me thorough their own snap stories. Maybe I’ll continue using snapchat!


1444616011048 1444616014926


Screenshot_2015-10-11-19-06-14-1 Screenshot_2015-10-11-19-07-46-1


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