Week 8: Mobile Public Art (Somebody)

For this week activity, I used somebody app for the first time. At first when I opened the application, I was really confused. I didn’t know or understand how the application worked. It had difficult time adding friends or even finding friends on the application even though I had friends to add from my art class! Finally, I was able to use the application with my friend’s help. With the application, I was able to send messages to a friend. However, the message was not sent until somebody else delivered the message. I also requested to send a message for somebody.Using the application, I founded funny how the application was called “Somebody.”

After using the application, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I did with snapchat and instagram. I had easier time to use and understand snapchat and instagram more than I did with somebody. Also with snapchat and instagram it was easier to communicate with others because you don’t have to wait for someone to send the message for you. Even though somebody application seemed really simple, it was very complicated for me to use. Snapchat and instagram weren’t as simple as somebody application, but they were more simple to use. Both applications were easy to use when I first downloaded. Somebody application was a new experience but it wasn’t a great experience.

Screenshot_2015-10-18-18-02-43-1 Screenshot_2015-10-18-17-33-13-1


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