Week8: Artist Conversation

On October 15th, I visited Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery. Inside the gallery was really colorful. At first I wasn’t sure what the works were representing. I thought it was just colorful thick strings were hanging on the wall and put on the floors. However, looking at the work closely I saw something different. The material wasn’t a string but it was a fabric fro clothes! Also the fabrics were put together by colors. Even though all the colors looked the same from far, if you look at it closely every single colors were different. From all the works, I was more interested of the works that were put on the wall. The way the artist put different tones of the colors next to each other didn’t seem awkward. I never thought dark brown would go along with hot pink next to each others.

At the gallery, I had the chance to talk with Mimi Haddon. She graduated from CSULB as photographer. As a teenager she was very passionate about arts. At first she only worked with computers but she wanted to work art in many different ways. She started to work with hands and now she was two more years to graduate from CSULB for different major. She loves working with both digital and hand. She needs both. This is her first hand work so she was really excited. She used the end of the shirts fabric to create her first hand work. As an artist it is great to experience with hands. She also said “art doesn’t have to fixed” which I think its true. There are so many ways to represent art.

Looking and hearing from the artist, I remembered when I use to cut fabrics from clothes to make clothes for my barbie dolls. If I think about it now, I don’t know how I was able to cut the fabric and make clothes for the dolls with such a small hands. It feels like I was capable of doing more artistic things when I was little than I am now. Right now If someone tells me to make a clothes for dolls, sadly, I don’t think I can.



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