Week 9: Artist Conversation!

On October 22, I visited the Gatov West Gallery. Unlike the previous galleries I visited, the work inside Gatov West Gallery was not as colorful. From all the works inside the gallery, one work really stand out. The work doesn’t have a name, it was just called “Seated Man” by everyone. It was hard to take picture of the work because a lot of people were taking turns to take picture with the sculpture. When I was looking at the sculpture, I thought how similar the work was to “the Thinker.” The sculpture was made from a casting a of mannequin with solid concrete. The artist didn’t give out a lot of informations on the works because he does not like giving out too much informations on the piece. From all the works in the gallery, the sculpture of a man was really cool and it really caught everyones’ attentions!

At the gallery, I had the chance to talk with the artist Juan Martin. He is a transfer student at CSULB and this is his last year. He is majoring in sculpture. He was always interested in art as a kid. He started to draw in his college.He said this works were inspired by minimalist in 1980s.  He does not like to give out too much informations on his work. It took him four weeks to work on the arts. He planned and thought about the show about a year ago. He was a very nice man. It would’ve been nice to hear more about his works.

While looking at the works in the gallery, I thought about my thoughts on art. Just looking at the “Seated Man” made me think. I thought art was something you see and enjoy at first. However, hearing about the works of the artist every week, I thought how art is more than seeing and enjoying. There are so many different meaning and stories to the works of the artist that artists want to share with the audience. Next time when I see work of the artist, I want to understand more of the meaning behind the piece.



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