Week 10: Artist Conversation

On October 29, I visited the Max L. Gatov Gallery East. I was in love with the works in the gallery when I stepped in. Just by looking at the works, I knew the theme of the gallery. All the works in the gallery represented life of the under ocean. Unlike other galleries I visited, this gallery was really fascinating for me because I am interested in under ocean life. From all the work in the gallery, Giant Blue Clam caught my attention. The color of the work was really pretty! Blue was mainly seem in the work but there were other colors on the work to make the work more realistic. The Giant Blue Clam was also favorite by the artist.

At the gallery, I had the chance to talk with the artist named Thomas Cressman. He is twenty-three years old. This is his fifth year at CSULB. He is majoring in Metal. His works were done with metal, copper, and steel. The general theme of the gallery was ocean and fungi. Mainly he is interested in under ocean life. He was interested in art since he was in middle school. It took him about 1 to 4 weeks to make one piece. He didn’t literally expressed the work but he expressed in his own ways. Before working the the works, he studied the ocean He applied for this gallery show in spring semester. Once he was accepted, he wondered and focused on the body of the work.

Just looking at the works I knew the theme because it was something I was interested too. From exploring this gallery, I thought how art can be connected with the audience by the same interest of the artist and the audience. I feel like you can enjoy and look into the works in more details if you have interests in the themes. I was able to experience something I like from the artist with the same interest. It felt really nice walking around the gallery which made me stay for longer time.

20151029_110017 20151029_110104


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