Week 11: Activity (Fiber Art)

For this week activity, I decided to knit a scarf! I started to knit last year summer for my church. Our church wanted to donate scarf to outside people during Christmas. I was the one who gave this idea so I was in-charged. Even though I said this idea, I had no idea how to knit a scarf. Because I was the one who shared the idea, I had to learn it by myself and teach the group. I learned how to knit through Youtube. I had to watch many different videos because I didn’t understand with just one video. I watched few from Korean blogs and few by other Youtubers. It wasn’t so easy at first but after I knew how to do it I had so much fun making it.

It is hard to knit the start but after you knit the start it gets really easy. You just repeat the same steps over and over. The only different steps are the beginning and the ending. I had so much fun making it last, I am continuing to make one this year! I just started so I’m far from finishing it. I was so busy lately and through this activity, I was able to continue what I had started.

20151108_161307_001 20151108_161112(0)-1-120151108_161005


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