Week 11: Artist Conversation

On November 5, I visited the Maxine Merlino Gallery. When I walked in the gallery, I thought I was looking at myself. All the woks in the gallery really showed how I feel about my life. The characters in the gallery represented my thought and my feeling. Looking at the work, I was able to feel and connect with the artist. Every single work in the gallery showed my everyday life’s thought and feelings. From all the works I’ve seem, the work in this gallery was something I strongly agreed and connected with the artist. All the works in the gallery really caught my attention. Not only my attention but all the students that was in the gallery.

At the gallery, I had the chance to talk with Kathy Yoon. This is her last year at CSULB. She is majoring in ceramic. It was my first time hearing about this major. She planned this show last year. It took her about a year to have this idea on the show. She doesn’t really have a theme for her show. The show just showed her personal life. Her life and people around her was the inspiration for this show. She used cord for coiling build. Lots of holds were needed before firing the work. Her works were made with clay. It took her about 2 to 3 weeks per piece sometimes even six weeks. After graduating, she wants to get in the field and work with this character that were in the show. She is hoping to connect with people through her work.

After seeing the work in the gallery, I was amazed how the character showed how I felt about my life. Looking at the works with my classmate, I knew how everyone was talking about how this showed their life. Everyone was sharing the same thought and feeling from looking at the art.

20151105_111105 20151105_111128 20151105_111134 20151105_111155


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