Week 12: Activity (E-Portfolio)

For this week activity, I created my E-Portfolio. I didn’t make a new website for this. I redecorated my website and added somethings. For my e-portfolio, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I am interested in many things like the oceans and nature; however, I wanted to do something more special, something my audience can see and know more about me. For this reason, I decided to make an e-portfolio about my memories I had with my friends, family, and myself. In my e-portfolio, I added few pictures that I really wanted to share. From all the pictures, I wanted to share my memories with my second picture. It is a picture of a fruit tart I made for my mom’s birthday. I wanted to make the tart to surprise my mother! I had to wait until 3:00 am to start baking. For some reason, my mother decided to sleep late. For this cake, I didn’t use any receipt! My mom was really happy about it when I made it for her birthday.

All of these picture are not recent! These pictures were from 2-4 years ago. When I was in High School, my first concert to my favorite band, first trip to Disney Land and New Mexico with my friends, first time at Sea World, and few dates I had with my precious people! The picture I posted are all most my first experiences! I hope my audience can relate my favorite memories to their own favorite memories. Your memories might not be so perfect but picture last forever and remembers the memories for you.




Screenshot_2015-11-15-17-47-55-1Screenshot_2015-11-15-18-08-39-1 20151115_174848 20151115_174855 20151115_174901


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