Week 13: Artist Conversation

For this week, I visited the Marilyn Werby Gallery. I was so fascinated when I walked in the gallery.Everything in the gallery was something I enjoyed looking at! All the works in the gallery reminded me of cartoons I liked as a kid. Although it wasn’t the same cartoon, I still thought of my childhood. Many of the works had stories, it was like story telling place. I walked around the gallery while looking at the works. The drawings were very pretty! It made me took more pictures than I took before. Many of the works looked similar but different. It wasn’t just one artist’s work in the gallery.

At the gallery, I had the chance to talk with Tyler Tuyett. He is a student at CSULB. He transferred from community college. He is an animation student. This is his last semester at CSULB. Currently, he is working at a studio and designs his own characters. He uses photoshop very often. He made a puppet animation character, which was made with clay and wire. The character was baked in the oven. It is a 3D slow motion character. He believes that he has lots of freedom with animation. Animation is art.

Looking at the works in the gallery, I thought of my childhood. As a kid I loved to watch animations and cartoons. Every morning, the first thing I did was turn on the T.V.. Now a day, it is hard to watch cartoons and animations. However, looking at the works in the gallery made it seem like I was actually watching cartoons and animations. It was a nice feeling to see something you liked as a kid. It really brought back memories.





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