Week 11: Activity (Fiber Art)

For this week activity, I decided to knit a scarf! I started to knit last year summer for my church. Our church wanted to donate scarf to outside people during Christmas. I was the one who gave this idea so I was in-charged. Even though I said this idea, I had no idea how to knit a scarf. Because I was the one who shared the idea, I had to learn it by myself and teach the group. I learned how to knit through Youtube. I had to watch many different videos because I didn’t understand with just one video. I watched few from Korean blogs and few by other Youtubers. It wasn’t so easy at first but after I knew how to do it I had so much fun making it.

It is hard to knit the start but after you knit the start it gets really easy. You just repeat the same steps over and over. The only different steps are the beginning and the ending. I had so much fun making it last, I am continuing to make one this year! I just started so I’m far from finishing it. I was so busy lately and through this activity, I was able to continue what I had started.

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Week 11: Artist Conversation

On November 5, I visited the Maxine Merlino Gallery. When I walked in the gallery, I thought I was looking at myself. All the woks in the gallery really showed how I feel about my life. The characters in the gallery represented my thought and my feeling. Looking at the work, I was able to feel and connect with the artist. Every single work in the gallery showed my everyday life’s thought and feelings. From all the works I’ve seem, the work in this gallery was something I strongly agreed and connected with the artist. All the works in the gallery really caught my attention. Not only my attention but all the students that was in the gallery.

At the gallery, I had the chance to talk with Kathy Yoon. This is her last year at CSULB. She is majoring in ceramic. It was my first time hearing about this major. She planned this show last year. It took her about a year to have this idea on the show. She doesn’t really have a theme for her show. The show just showed her personal life. Her life and people around her was the inspiration for this show. She used cord for coiling build. Lots of holds were needed before firing the work. Her works were made with clay. It took her about 2 to 3 weeks per piece sometimes even six weeks. After graduating, she wants to get in the field and work with this character that were in the show. She is hoping to connect with people through her work.

After seeing the work in the gallery, I was amazed how the character showed how I felt about my life. Looking at the works with my classmate, I knew how everyone was talking about how this showed their life. Everyone was sharing the same thought and feeling from looking at the art.

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Week 11: Classmate Conversation with Aron Chek

For this week classmate conversation, I had the chance to talk with Aron Chek. He is also a second year at CSULB. He is majoring in film. He is from Long Beach. He is mix of Cambodian, Chinese, and Vietnamese. His favorite color is blue and black. He likes dark colors. He likes to film and take pictures. During winter time, he often goes snowboarding. He is a dog person unlike me! He loves art. He thinks art makes everything in life more interesting. I asked him if tattoo is an art. He said yes, tattoo is an art because skin is like of the material used in art to express personal interest and feelings. He does not have a tattoo and he would like to get some. He wants Chinese characters as his tattoo. He was very nice and easy to talk with! He also has a nice smile. I would definitely talk to him more!


Week 10: Artist Conversation

On October 29, I visited the Max L. Gatov Gallery East. I was in love with the works in the gallery when I stepped in. Just by looking at the works, I knew the theme of the gallery. All the works in the gallery represented life of the under ocean. Unlike other galleries I visited, this gallery was really fascinating for me because I am interested in under ocean life. From all the work in the gallery, Giant Blue Clam caught my attention. The color of the work was really pretty! Blue was mainly seem in the work but there were other colors on the work to make the work more realistic. The Giant Blue Clam was also favorite by the artist.

At the gallery, I had the chance to talk with the artist named Thomas Cressman. He is twenty-three years old. This is his fifth year at CSULB. He is majoring in Metal. His works were done with metal, copper, and steel. The general theme of the gallery was ocean and fungi. Mainly he is interested in under ocean life. He was interested in art since he was in middle school. It took him about 1 to 4 weeks to make one piece. He didn’t literally expressed the work but he expressed in his own ways. Before working the the works, he studied the ocean He applied for this gallery show in spring semester. Once he was accepted, he wondered and focused on the body of the work.

Just looking at the works I knew the theme because it was something I was interested too. From exploring this gallery, I thought how art can be connected with the audience by the same interest of the artist and the audience. I feel like you can enjoy and look into the works in more details if you have interests in the themes. I was able to experience something I like from the artist with the same interest. It felt really nice walking around the gallery which made me stay for longer time.

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Week 10: Classmate Conversation with Ryan Bravo

For this week classmate conversation, I had the chance to talk with Ryan Bravo. He is a second year at CSULB. He is majoring in Criminal Justice and also double majoring in psychology. He wants to work with the law enforcement. He is half Mexican and half Puerto Rican. His favorite color is blue and gray. During his free time, he likes to surf, snowboard, play basketball, and hang out with friends and family. Currently, he is working with the loss prevention. If he had the chance to travel, Bryan wanted to go to Argentina. He finds Argentina very fascinating because of the beach. Because he likes surfing, he is really interested in beach. Also his friends went to Argentina and told him about it which made he want to go even more. He was so nice and cool!


Week 9: Transmedia Storytelling

Character Analysis

Girl Character: Her name is Esther Lim. She was born in December 20th 1992. She is from Korea. Currently, she is majoring in international study. Esther’s goal is to go to China and work with Chinese industries. She is the oldest from the family. Esther is a very shy person While studying at CSULB she met a guy named Brian Lee. They became a really close friend maybe more than a friend. Esther moved to China as she graduated CSULB. Her desire is to meet Brian again after they both complete their life goal.

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Boy Character: His name is Brian Lee. He was born in February 2nd 1992. He is from Los Angeles. He is half Korean and half white. He is a very talkative person. He is a third year in CSULB majoring in psychology. His goal is to become a psychiatrist. He is the youngest from his family. He first met Esther in his government class. They became a really close friend maybe more than a friend. After knowing that Esther will be gone for her life goal, Brian made a promise to keep in touch and meet again later.

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Story Outline: Brian and Esther are both third year in CSULB. They met each other for the first time in their government class. Brian was the first one to start the conversation with Esther. Esther being really shy, she had hard times keeping up the conversation with Brian. Unlike Esther, Brian was very talkative which made the conversation easy. Within few weeks of class, Brian and Esther became really close. They both exchanged numbers and social media information. As time passed they became even closer.

After graduating from CSULB, Esther had to move to China. Brian and Esther promised each other to keep in contact even if they were away from each other. They also promised to meet again after they both completed their life goal. Even when Esther left to China, Brian kept in touch with Esther through social media. While working hard to complete their life goal, Brian and Esther never forgot the promise they made. After five years of separation and five years of contact through social media, Esther and Brian met again. Having their life goals completed from different country, they were able to meet each other again. Brian and Esther were same as five years ago when they first met.

The End

Credit to: SuHyun Kim and Yeji Yang

My Experience: At first I had no idea how to start the story or how to make the character. However, I thought about making a character with FACEQ app that was on my phone. It was easy to make the characters because I knew how Yeji and I wanted the characters to look like. Also the FACEQ app made it easier for us to build the character. After making the characters, we thought about the storyline which was harder than making the characters. However, Yeji thought about one Youtube video ” Strangers again.” Unlike the video from Youtube where a boy and a girl meets as a stranger and ends as a strangers, she wanted our characters to start as strangers and not end as strangers. She thought about our storyline as how strangers can become a big part of your life. It was really fun putting our thoughts together to make a story. We laughed a lot while making the story. We thought about a story that would rarely happen to us. It would be very difficult for a boy and a girl to keep in touch for five years and never forget about each other.

Week 9: Classmate Conversation with Courtney Sakuma!

For this week classmate conversation, I had a chance to talk with Courtney Sakuma. She is a third year is CSULB majoring in engineering. Currently, she is more interested in the structural side of civil but she is not sure yet. She is Japanese but since she is the fourth generation, she can only speak English. In high school, she ran cross country and track for all four years. Her favorite race was the 800m. During her free time, she like to read, draw, and watch Netflix. Everyone loves Netflix. For this week question Courtney said she doesn’t personally have a favorite medium of art but if she had to pick she would probably say painting, drawing, and sculptures. She likes these mediums the most because She’ve always been extremely detail oriented. Looking at the arts in the gallery, she thought how detailed the paintings were. Just like Courtney, my favorite medium of art was painting. It was nice getting to know her. IMG_0866