Week 14: Artist Conversation

On December 3, I visited the Marilyn Werby Gallery. In there gallery there were multiple artists’ works. From many of the art, I gave all my attention to paints that were on the center of the gallery. The work I was most interested was worked with my favorite pastel colors. I think that is why my attention was on them!  The name of the work was “What the World Eats” by Chris Hampton. From the work the artist wanted to show the connection between food and people in the world. Food is like photography giving inspiration and more. It supports our body and minds.

At the gallery, I had the chance to talk with the artist Lourdes Martinez. She her work was on the podium in the gallery. She wanted to show space craft in camera. She zoomed in the space craft so that people won’t know what actually it is. She likes to take photos that are hard to tell. This is her last year at CSULB. She is majoring in photography. She was interested in photography when she was in high school. She does not know what she wants to do in the future for sure but she is planning to intern. She was a very nice and friendly!

Looking at the works in the gallery, I really wanted to take pictures! I always try to take good pictures but it never works. I don’t have my own style in taking picture. I felt that my way of taking pictures is not pretty so I always followed my friends’ way. However, after listening to the artist I thought everyone has their own way of taking pictures and making art. I realized that it is a good thing to have my own views and ways in art.

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Week 13: Artist Conversation

For this week, I visited the Marilyn Werby Gallery. I was so fascinated when I walked in the gallery.Everything in the gallery was something I enjoyed looking at! All the works in the gallery reminded me of cartoons I liked as a kid. Although it wasn’t the same cartoon, I still thought of my childhood. Many of the works had stories, it was like story telling place. I walked around the gallery while looking at the works. The drawings were very pretty! It made me took more pictures than I took before. Many of the works looked similar but different. It wasn’t just one artist’s work in the gallery.

At the gallery, I had the chance to talk with Tyler Tuyett. He is a student at CSULB. He transferred from community college. He is an animation student. This is his last semester at CSULB. Currently, he is working at a studio and designs his own characters. He uses photoshop very often. He made a puppet animation character, which was made with clay and wire. The character was baked in the oven. It is a 3D slow motion character. He believes that he has lots of freedom with animation. Animation is art.

Looking at the works in the gallery, I thought of my childhood. As a kid I loved to watch animations and cartoons. Every morning, the first thing I did was turn on the T.V.. Now a day, it is hard to watch cartoons and animations. However, looking at the works in the gallery made it seem like I was actually watching cartoons and animations. It was a nice feeling to see something you liked as a kid. It really brought back memories.




Week: 3 Artist Conversation!

On September 10, I visited the Marilyn Werby Gallery with my class. All the arts I saw on the walls were really colorful. The walls were filled with bright colors! From all the arts on the wall, Nature-Inspired Collages grabbed my attention. Nature-Inspired Collages was created by adult disabled students. This project was done to show how nature can be a source for inspiration. The work was done with paper, markers, paints, and crayons. All the collages on the wall were really colorful. Seeing one piece from the whole work, most pieces had different colors. Also some pieces had gradient colors. All the pieces were on top of each other creating a new, collage, art.

From Marilyn Werby Gallery, I had the change to interview Kayla R Workman. After introducing my self, I asked Kayla R Workman few questions. She is a senior at CSULB majoring in education. She told me how Nature-Inspired Collages were created. Nature-Inspired Collages was created by adult disabled students. This project was done to show how nature can be a source for inspiration. The students were encourage to express their art with crayons, paints, and markers on the paper. After filling up the with colors, the student tore the paper. Then the student used their own pieces or other peers’ pieces to create a new art. The purpose of Nature-Inspired Collages was to work with their peers and find beauties within the different art work. From Nature-Inspired Collages, the map of Africa and Italy caught my eyes.

After exploring Nature-Inspired Collages, I thought of my childhood. When I was little, I did similar works with my mother. Nature-Inspired Collages had me imagine what each Collages is. From my perspective, I saw many different forms of the collages. I thought that maybe someone else would have a different perspective of the same work from me. The work really reminded me of my childhood. It is amazing how multiple arts can be create from one single piece.

Nature-Inspired Collages: